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Podcast EP 04: "AI in the mortgage industry. Human vs Machine" with our special guest Pavan Agarwal

This podcast is a conversation between the host, Alex Goldovsky, CEO of ProTitle USA, DocSolution USA and One Diligence, and the guest, Pavan Agarwal, CEO of Sunwest Mortgage Company and creator of Angel AI.

They discuss various topics related to artificial intelligence (AI), the mortgage industry, and technology.

Pavan Agarwal shares his experience of integrating AI into a mortgage company and the challenges he faced.

He also talks about the importance of data for training AI models and how Angel AI differs from other AI systems.

Interlocutors also discuss the state of AI adoption in the mortgage industry and the benefits of using AI in financial services.

The conversation also touches on the role of humans in AI systems and the concept of augmented intelligence.

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