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Alex Goldovsky Podcast Episode-01 : "Capital markets and debt investing" with our special guest Paul Birkett

This podcast appears to be an interview with Paul Birkett, the CEO and President of Automation Finance, a company that invests in distressed assets, particularly in the US housing market. The conversation covers various topics, including:

1. The differences between the US and European markets, particularly in terms of foreclosure laws and investor mindsets.

2. The current state of the US housing market, including the impact of interest rates, inflation, and excess savings on the economy.

3. The opportunities and challenges in the distressed asset space, including the potential for dislocations and the need for conservative investing.

4. The company's investment strategy, which focuses on buying performing loans at a discount and holding them for cash flow.

5. The potential for commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) to become a problem in the future, similar to the residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) crisis in 2008.

6. The role of government programs and policies in shaping the housing market, including the potential for 40-year mortgages and silent seconds.
Throughout the conversation, Paul Birkett shares his insights and expertise on the distressed asset space. The Alex Goldovsky podcast appears to be targeted towards investors, finance professionals, and individuals interested in the US housing market and distressed assets.
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