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Alex Goldovsky will Moderate the panel at the IMN 7th Annual NPL, notes and Default Conference

On March 7-8, 2024, Orlando, Florida will host the 7th Annual Forum on Distressed Loans, Bonds and Default Servicing (East)
There will be a lot of speakers at the event.

Here you can meet with 200+ buyers, sellers and service providers, and explore transactions that are actually happening in a high interest rate environment.

From the large institutional pools of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to individual bond sales, this conference is designed for investors of all sizes to learn, listen and make deals with each other.

Alex Goldovsky will Moderate the panel of industry experts to discuss Macroeconomic Implications for the Residential Mortgage Market at the IMN 7th Annual NPL, notes and Default Conference

The panel will discuss such questions and topics:

· What does the data say about NPL ratios and volumes?
· Impact of higher rates for longer – what does this mean for business?
· Are there any surprises to come from the Fed or more of the same?
· Inflation, unemployment and their impact on banks’ asset quality
· GSE volume and other housing finance policy developments
· How is the industry adapting to the new normal in terms of natural disasters and their impact on the market?
· How is geopolitical instability affecting the housing market?
· Which regulatory pressures are causing most stress and what potential policy developments are you looking out for?
· Updates and impacts of SB 1323

To participate in the discussion, send an e-mail to info@protitleusa.com