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Alex Goldovsky will be presenting at the AI in Real Estate conference in New York on June 11th, discussing "USER FRIENDLY ADAPTATION: FROM PLANNING TO PILOT TO INTEGRATION, EXECUTION & SCALING."

IMN’s Inaugural AI in Real Estate Forum in New York City is the premier event delving into AI technologies such as Chatbots, Machine-Learning Algorithms, and 3-D generators, and their role in automating decision-making processes for marketing, maintenance, finance, and tenant engagement.

Celebrating its 30th year, IMN has established itself as the leader in Real Estate conference organization, boasting over 17,500 attendees, 4000 speakers, and 1500 sponsors/exhibitors in 2023.

Join industry leaders, enhance client services, and optimize costs while expanding your real estate enterprise by participating in IMN's Inaugural AI in Real Estate Forum.

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