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Analysis on the Q4’2023 Data Reports From All Major Banks

Will my Bank survive the commercial turmoil in 2024? Do I pull the money and move it to a safer bank?

Lets analyse top banks from the perspective of allocating capital for future losses. If the trend of allocation is going down, I would assume that the bank is solid and stable. S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis provide the data based on the Q4'2023 report by all major banks.
From the largest banks:
1. Citi Bank stood out as the bank with the highest loss allocation quarter to quarter.
2. JPMorgan Chase & Co. booked the second-highest provision at $2.76 billion, an increase of $1.38 billion from the 2023 third quarter.
3. PNC Financial Services Group Inc.'s provision rose by $103.0 million on a quarter-over-quarter basis to $232.0 million, marking the third-highest increase among the banks within the group.
Banks that reduced the loss allocation that stood out with sudden change for less allocation are US Bank, Bank of America and Fifth Third Bank.

Congrats to the management of these banks for planning ahead and getting to allocation stability.
Stay tuned for more bank analysis and market insights.

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