a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

Auto Loans and Personal Loans Due Diligence by One Diligence LLC, a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

One Diligence LLC, a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA, has launched data validation and document-to-datatape scrubs for auto loans and personal loans using inhouse supported Machine Learning and Data Extraction Techniques. One Diligence is the next generation AI-based platform used for extracting the critical data points from loan documents and car titles for automatic comparison to the data tape, and generating an exception report for mismatches and found issues by the platform. This platform allows flexible rules to calculate expected values based on the extracted data points.

One unique feature of the platform is that HITL (human in the loop) review is bypassed and extraction is done in minutes without HITL review delays.

The benefit of the platform is to realize the cost savings of the by hand review with off-shore/on-shore employees.

Please schedule a demo by emailing georget@onediligence.com if you are interested in seeing this technology.