a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

Automated Assignment Audit and Assignment Chain Review

OneDiligence, LLC, a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA, has launched a new service for automation on assignment audit and chain of title validation. This service uses OCR, Data Extraction and Data Matching to report all of the assignment document deficiencies and exceptions by comparing them to the security instrument. Using data tables and rules from DocSolutionUSA, a nationwide document preparation and recording company, OneDiligence is able to identify all issues on the unrecorded assignments before sending them to recording. In addition, OneDiligence is able to validate all issues on the recorded chain to expedite gap or corrective assignment preparation and execution. Additional auto-validations are available for CEMA mortgage and assignment chain validation, state specific validations of assignments, as well as notary, witness and signature validations.

This product allows the comparison of data tape fields from the client (or servicer) to actual document fields for data tape to document validation purposes.

This service can be used by due diligence firms, collateral custodians, document prep firms, attorneys, title companies, lenders and originators.

For more information, please, contact Alex Goldovsky at alexg@onediligence.com, or Lori Lowe at llowe@docsolution.com