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Podcast EP 06: "Capital Markets Update" with our special guest David Gordon

This podcast appears to be an interview between Alex Goldovsky, CEO of ProTitle USA, DocSolution USA and One Diligence, and David Gordon, a managing partner of Arc Private Equity. The conversation revolves around the current state of the real estate market, particularly in the United States, and David's insights as an experienced investor and asset manager.

The topics discussed include:

  1. The current headwinds in the capital markets, interest rates, and their impact on the real estate market.
  2. Opportunities in the commercial and residential markets, including distressed assets and non-performing loans.
  3. The role of government regulations and mark-to-market accounting in shaping the market.
  4. The second lien market, including the differences between pre-2011 and post-2011 vintages.
  5. The investor pool and access to credit in the RPL (Residential Performing Loan) and NPL (Non-Performing Loan) spaces.
  6. Default rates and the disconnect between the economy and the stock market.
  7. The Miami real estate market, including its current boom and potential for future growth.
  8. International investments, including David's experiences and strategies for investing in markets outside the US.
Throughout the discuss, David Gordon shares his expertise and insights, providing a nuanced view of the real estate market and its various segments.

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