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DocSolutionUSA launches an Instant Modification Document Generator

DocSolutionUSA has introduced an instant modification document generator designed to cater to servicers, attorneys, lenders, and funds. This tool addresses the need for accommodating various loss mitigation options.

As many of you are aware, servicers are deploying different techniques, including 40-year maturity date mortgages, Partial Claim Mortgages, and Supplemental Payment Assistance, to assist delinquent borrowers. Each of these options necessitates a distinct modification that borrowers must sign and record.

DocSolutionUSA has seized this opportunity by creating an instant modification document generator featuring a state-specific library of Fannie Mae-compliant modifications, available in both English and Spanish. What sets this product apart is its precision and rapid document generation, as it can produce a modification within seconds based on servicer data through API integration.

This serves as an example of our company's agility in responding to the demands of today's market. Moreover, we have made efforts to ensure seamless integration for our clients. Loss mitigation specialists can manually input data into our client portal while speaking with the borrower, enabling on-the-spot document creation and review.

We've named this product the "Instant Modification Document Generator." When combined with e-signing and e-notary capabilities, you can execute the document during the same call with the borrower. To learn more about the availability of this product, please visit our site and contact us!