a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

Document Preparation, Recording & Custodian Services

ProTitleUSA is always looking for ways to make clients’ lives easier. For years our team has worked hard on implementing state-of-the-art features pertaining to title searches. But, we hadn’t offered very many services outside of the recorded document research – until now! Late last year, ProTitleUSA acquired DocSolution, Inc., a document preparation and recording firm. The company now operates under DocSolutionUSA, LLC, a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA. Merging an already successful document prep company with ProTitleUSA’s top notch technology was a no brainer. In just a few months since the acquisition was completed, DocSolutionUSA’s production volume and accuracy has substantially improved. Client base has increased and both companies have received much praise over the one-stop-shop feel. While the brainstorming for more cutting edge products continues, take a look at some of the document prep, recording and custodian services currently being offered.

  • Assignment preparation, tracking and recording
  • Release preparation, tracking and recording
  • Chain review, curative and corrective assignment preparation, tracking and recording
  • Custodian, Interim Deal Custodian, Collateral Storage Services (non-GNMA Certified)
  • Assignment audit pre-recording
  • Chain of title audit for enforceability
  • Release audit pre-recording
  • Commercial release and partial release services
  • Title policy, endorsement, allonge and note reviews
  • Endorsement request automation and title claim automation

Please contact Managing Director of DocSolutionUSA, Lori Lowe, at llowe@docsolution.com to learn more about these services!