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Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Attorney - Tax and Title Products

ProTitleUSA has been optimizing title services for foreclosure and bankruptcy attorneys to simplify and remove manual labor from data entry tasks and human intensive tasks. We go above and beyond the standard Fannie Mae compliant foreclosure search by providing data validation and QC, legal matching and typing, as well as curative services for payoffs and releases of liens. We have fully integrated with CaseMax and offer an open API for more advanced firms with their proprietary systems for integration.

As a show of our quality, most of the foreclosure and bankruptcy attorneys in all states within Caballero Legal Services use our products. We have custom and flexible solutions not just for each client but also per state or per attorney.
We offer an extra layer of insurance for search errors called Loss Protect which helps cover attorneys on refiling costs, issues stemming from Deeds in Lieu, and missed liens at closing. Many attorneys opt to use this product to ensure that there are no out-of-pocket expenses related to title search issues.