a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Vegas this year at SFVegas2024!

I will be in town 2/23-28, so feel free to schedule an appointment at: alexg@onediligence.com or reach out to me on LK to book a meeting.

I'm honored to be representing my three Companies:
1. One Diligence LLC a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA, rated AI-based TPR firm.
2. ProTitleUSA - capital markets residential and commercial tax/title due diligence and curative solutions provider.
3. DocSolutionUSA a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA - a document prep, reviews, recording and custodian services.

Let's pencil in some time to talk about how my Companies can help your Business to scale and bring it to the next level!

Looking forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with the industry leaders at the largest capital markets conference, SFVegas 2024 in Las Vegas from February 25 - 28, 2024.

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