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Generate Modification Agreements in Seconds!

DocSolutionUSA launched a new product called "Instant Modification Document Generation" to address the exploding loss mitigation market.

Having nationwide expertise on document preparation and recording, as well as best-in-class technology for instant document generation (currently for releases and assignments), this product takes seconds to generate a modification prep solution at a low cost.

"When borrowers are in distress, the turn time to put their mind at ease on loss mitigation and successful resolution is the key for servicers," says CEO of DocSolutionUSA, Alex Goldovsky.

"Servicers are incentivized to get a loss mitigation resolution with a modification by FHFA. Delivering speed and accuracy is a key factor to switch to our solution."

The modification document preparation can be used through API, Excel tape upload or user data entry, which makes it easier for servicers and lenders to connect to existing solutions.