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National Note Group Review of ProTitleUSA

ProTileUSA offers a variety of products for 2nd lien buyers. In order to save time and money for our 2nd lien investors, we have a waterfall approach for large NPL, Unsecured, RPL and Performing note buyers. We start with the $1.00 search automation to determine if the asset is secured or unsecured from the property by review of the last sale transaction and change of ownership. If the transaction happened after the origination date of the mortgage for a large purchase amount, there is a high chance that the 2nd position note is unsecured. Next we proceed with a Bankruptcy Search to determine if there are any bankruptcies filed which may affect the client’s investment. We then follow up with the $3.00 search automation, where we find assets that were subject to foreclosure which would unsecure the assets. And finally, we proceed with a 100% in-person 2nd lien title search, that will confirm the position of the 2nd lien and verify the status of the 1st lien.

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If you are a 2nd lien investor, we have great products for you!