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New investment alert for wall street - monetizing on air rights!

I bet it’s something you didn’t think of or wasn’t planning for: revolution in logistics industry and how you will be impacted.

Lets first understand the need on the market and possible options to play in it. Of course, you know that every property or land owner has the rights to the land beneath the physical property (subsurface rights, used by oil and gas companies) as well as, the airspace above the surface of the property (called Air Rights). But, did you think about a number of the exciting business opportunities that these rights can offer you? Let's talk air rights for the moment.

Did you know that:
1. You can exercise the your air rights yourself and further develop your property, increasing its value?
2. You you can sell or lease your air rights either, as part of the sale of the whole property or by itself?

You can sell your Air rights to a developer of adjacent or nearby lots, in order to build a larger structure, protect views and increase the sell out value of a project.
Did you also know that your air rights can be sold or leased to third parties, such as airlines or for specific purposes like building air corridors for…delivery drones.

With recent advancements in technology and AI, delivery drones is truly revolutionizing logistics eCommerce industries. Gartner predicts that in 2026, more than one million drones will be carrying out retail deliveries, compared to 20,000 today.

The global delivery drones industry is expected to reach a whooping 10.47 billion by 2030. I would be starting to look at drone development, GPS flight map and collision controls for drones, Safety protocols, charging stations for drones, drone flight schools and many more new applications.

Did you know that Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, started off this year by announcing on January 10th 2024 that it expanding their drone delivery service to 1.8 million additional households throughout North Texas.

Amazon, even though loosing the competition in drone delivery game to Walmart and Google, has recently announced that their existing drone deliveries would expand to Britain, Italy and another, unidentified U.S. city by the end of 2024.

Can you imagine how hot the topic of air rights is destined to become during next few years?

This is the time for land and property owners to claim their air rights, register them, and monetize the air space above their property.

Times will come very soon when air rights owners will be selling these rights to drone companies (or perhaps even air space distributors) to create drone corridors that link to highways that will be able to address the air traffic control question that is expected to evolve significantly in upcoming years.

So level up your game and conduct a thorough research on the air rights in your area or just contact ProtitleUSA directly to walk you through this entire process as well as to learn more about this topic and the best application of your air rights.

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