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One Diligence Document Inventory

One Diligence launched a human free, low cost document inventory report that operates as a black box model, with customers moving files to SFTP folder and getting a spreadsheet report in hours on what documents and in what quantity are located in PDF file. We can handle multiple PDFs per loan file, but for now only PDFs are being accepted.

Document Inventory report is a report on what documents are located in the collateral PDF loan file by category of document importance.

One Diligence LLC is capable of ingesting loan files through API, Secure server upload or client portal to generate loan document inventory table together with exception on missing documents and a fully indexed loan file with extracted data in the raw format available for porting into client’s system. The process is fully automated to quickly digest all loan files in the portfolio and verify if all of the expected documents present. One Diligence LLC generates report for client on exceptions through web viewer or CSV or API.

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