a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

One Diligence LLC becomes first Al/ML based TPR rated firm.

Market breaking news on the capital markets, One Diligence, LLC, a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA - it becomes the first rated TPR firm using Al and Machine Learning technologies to cut the cost and increase the speed of loan reviews during origination, securitization or capital market transactions.

One Diligence LLC is now rated by DRBS | MorningStar and Kroll. In 2021, many lenders and investors experienced a bottleneck of timely compliance review due to a shire volume of loans to be securitized by Fannie, Freddie or Ginnie, as well as, delays in the support for capital market transactions due diligence. I looked at all of the solutions on the market in 2021 and all, without exception, lacked the use of the latest ML and DE technologies to expedite loan processing.

Issues I have seen on the field:
- Human interface to fix extraction errors.
- Maintenance of home build libraries.
- Custom development using old tech.
- Human in the loop bottlenecks.
- No solution for CD/LE/HUD fees extraction and rule application.

I have decided to launch a new Al based TR firm to use the latest technologies using a library set from major players like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

We have solved all of the issues I encountered on the market with One Diligence. Combining One Diligence LLC products with DocSolutionUSA and ProTitleUSA creates a one stop shop solutions stack for capital markets.

If you are exploring alternative solutions for post origination
QC, rated/unrated securitization, HELOC securitization workflows, Reverse Mortgage securitization, Capital Market support, RPL/NPL securitizations, let's discuss our offering over the conference call or meet me at SFIG conference in Vegas #SFVegas2024 on February 25-28, 2024