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One Diligence, LLC to Launch AI/ML/Data Extraction Platform at Secondary MBA Conference

One Diligence, LLC as a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA will be launching a new AI/ML/Data Extraction platform at the Secondary MBA conference on May 22-23, 2023 in New York City. One Diligence has built a complete workflow system for custom collateral file reviews for capital markets which allows lenders, servicers, funds and investors to customize the collateral review workflows like a set of "Lego" blocks. In this sense, the blocks can be defined as individual document review templates enabling the ability to only index versus data extract the information from documents, as well as create custom QC validations on the fly for document-to-data analytics and exception reporting.

Per Alex Goldovsky, CEO of One Diligence, LLC, "The market is tired of the old and inflexible solutions with one solution fits all.” He further commented, "We wanted to create a customizable platform that allows the creation of unique and complete workflows for investors, funds and servicers, instead of a separate, not interconnected set of tools for clients, such as individual data extractor or indexers only." There are a few unique elements of the design that make One Diligence’s system a pioneer in the field of machine learning, AI and data extraction on loan files. These are listed below:

· No HITL (no human in the loop) approach for instant data extraction without human bottleneck
· In house-built training platform for document indexing (Capability: 10 new types per day)
· In house-built training platform for data extraction module (Capability: two new documents per week)
· Learning post extraction
· Automated QC custom rules on cross document validation
· Auto bookmarking PDF
· Custom splitting of PDFs with naming conventions
· Custom Exception Reporting and Grading
· SaaS option for large clients

This current solution is now in production with servicers and funds for full collateral reviews, chain of assignment automated reviews, modification reviews, as well as auto and personal loan reviews. As a part of the complete workflow, One Diligence, LLC is fully integrated with doc prep and recording engine of DocSolutionUSA, a nationwide doc prep and recording firm, as well as ProTitleUSA, a nationwide leading title search and analytics company.

The platform is used for review, data extraction and indexing of many document types and specialty type reviews. Our expertise includes review of:

- Notes and Allonges
- Mortgages
- Riders
- Assignments
- Subordination Agreements
- Modifications
- Title Policies and Endorsements
- Mobile and Manufactured Home Conversion Documents
- Insurances (hazard, flood, mortgage, pool, wind, forced placed)
- Loan Application and Addendums
- Appraisal, Endorsement of Value and Repair Completion Inspections
- HUD-1 Statement
- Name and Signature Affidavits
- Occupancy Review
- HOA/COA Cert and Policy
- Property Tax Statements and Deferral Plans
- Power of Attorney, Life Estate, Trusts, Conservators, Guardianship, Probate
- Bankruptcy
- NBS (non-borrowing spouse) Review
- Leaseholds and Land Contracts
- Car (auto) Titles

One Diligence, LLC would love to demo the platform for you at the MBA Secondary Conference in NYC on May 22-23, 2023. Please reach out to Oxana at OxanaS@protitleusa.com to schedule a demo with our staff.