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ProTitleUSA Corporate Introduction

ProtitleUSA is a Leader in Title Due Diligence, offering a diversity title search products in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Markets. Our company is focused on providing the best possible title search services at the lowest possible cost with the highest quality.

Our services are used by many title companies, lenders and originators. Our services are used for issuing title insurance on closing or refinance, loan approval or mortgage modification process. Large investor funds use us to run due diligence for tax and title as well as full portfolio underwriting.

REO investors use ProTitleUSA for pre-bid due diligence when they bid on properties at the foreclosure auction or buy them from servicers.

Tax Sale investors use ProTitleUSA's title search to find any liens or code enforcement violations that will stay with the property after the tax deed. 1st lien, 2nd lien and commercial investors use ProTitleUSA best in the industry reporting and analytics for decision making.

Watch the video below to see who we service and why ProTitleUSA should be your first choice when it comes to your title search needs!