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ProTitleUSA launches low-cost nationwide HOA Estoppel and Tax Certificate products for services.

HOA Certificate or Estoppel Service:
ProTitleUSA rolled out a HOA Certificate or Estoppel service for servicers and funds which simplifies the workflow under a single vendor.

HOA Status Product Features:
- Handling of Borrower Authorization (with Auto Merge and Create)
- Fronting the money for HOA Estoppels
- Review of Appraisal and Mortgage Riders
- Tracking all dates and HOA Certificate expiration date
- Handling Borrower Authorization Incentives
- Reporting on all dates and statuses
- Maintenance of HOA contact info for next year’s contacts
- Tracking HOA Certificate expiration based on due dates

ProTitleUSA rolled out a low-cost nationwide Tax Certificate service for servicers, funds and investors.

Tax Certificate: Our tax certificate product includes three years of tax information along with current year base amounts, paid/due amounts and dates. If there are any delinquencies or tax liens, we include the payoff amount and good through dates along with the redemption process information. It also includes exemption information (exemption type & amounts). Tax search related documents such as tax assessor card, payment history, tax bills, etc. are included in the search package as proof.

We would be happy to discuss if our solution meets your needs at the Secondary MBA Conference in NYC on May 22-23, 2023.