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ProTitleUSA’s Township Search for Unrecorded Liens

Saves Client over $68,000!

One may think that a standard title search of recorded encumbrances will uncover all liens that are attached to the property. Unfortunately this is a common and serious misconception. Municipal liens are one of the most damaging lien types. These liens take precedence over mortgages and attach to the property until they’re paid in full. To make matters worse, outstanding municipal liens are not always recorded and have the same effect as a recorded lien. Unrecorded liens are most common in Florida, but they can be seen anywhere. If you were to order a standard title search, any unrecorded liens would not be reported. So what can you do? We strongly encourage clients to order ProTitleUSA’s Township Search (a/k/a Unrecorded Lien Search). This service will uncover any unrecorded municipal liens, permit violations and code compliance orders related to the property of interest. It will also identify any code enforcement liens which may outline structural damage resulting in possible demolition. Here is an example of how invaluable the Township Search is to investors. As you can see, the property below located in Miami Dade, Florida has violations totaling almost $69,000. These violations are not recorded. Had our client not ordered the Township Search, these liens owed to the Miami Dade Finance Code Enforcement Department would not have been reported on the title search. Can you imagine receiving a title report with perhaps no recorded liens, only to later find out after it’s too late that there are thousands of dollars worth of municipal liens? Let us help take the guesswork out of your future investments! Click here to learn more about the Township Search or email Veronica Rudan at veronicas@protitleusa.com.