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Forbes reported a credit card delinquency by state as a % of total for the end of 2023.

Florida takes a lead in credit card delinquency rate increase year over year. Florida saw a 13.22% increase in credit card debt from 2022 to 2023 and delinquency rose 24.65% over the same time period.

Louisiana, Texas, Nevada and Georgia round out the top five states.

The trend seems to point to an increase in standard of living and prices in the states that benefited from migration during COVID. Californians moving to NV and TX, while NY, CT and NJ moving to FL, GA and LA.

Scale of priority for homeowner payments:
1. Taxes for real estate
2. Mortgage Payments
3. HOA Payments
4. Car Payments
5. Personal Loans including Home improvements or Furniture Loans
6. Credit Card Payments

Scale of priority for renter payments:
1. Monthly Rent
2. Car Payments
3. Personal Loans for Furniture Loans
4. Credit Card Payments

If the credit card delinquency is on the rise, due to the economic downturn and or resession, the increase of delinquency would work up in the priority payment stack. If you compare 2008-2010 GFC delinquency rise timing from Credit card to foreclosures, it took about 1-2 years.

With little government help, homeowners have no other option but to default on the other payments, trending to foreclosure increase in 2025.

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