a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

RPL, NLP, Securitisation on all loan types.

If you are considering securitization of RPL, NPL loans, all you need is Tax/Title search refresh, securitization reports, reliance and attestation from One Diligence, LLC a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA.

Our Companies will provide you with the service that will increase the value for securitized assets with liens, pre origination defects or prior mortgages, through the service called, lien validation. On average, service increases the value of assets in securitization by 25% on the assets with "hair". We have the flow down to the T, with complete efficiency and accuracy.

One Diligence LLC can also run servicer comments review, pay history reviews and Title Policy reviews for validating the loan position.

The fee we charge for this work is so low, you will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t hesitate to call our office or get in touch with me directly if you are interested in hearing more.