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Running 3 businesses concurrently or how ProTitleUSA, OneDiligence and DocSolutionUSA work together
As someone who owns and runs 3 Companies, I wanted to share my tips that can help you to look for similar opportunities to try to vertically integrate your existing business and expand the offering to the same market segment.

In my case, my three businesses create a non-overlapping, one-stop shop experience for capital market transactions, with a lot of pull through for products from one company's clients to the other.

Let me make a few examples to demonstrate how by successfully verticaly integrating and realizing efficiencies between each company's products that are needed for a single, hot spot industry, you can become a one-stop shops for your clients and partners.

If you look at the capital market transactions for residential or commercial assets, an investor needs:

1. Title research company to check for position of the lien against the property, liens that would need to be paid off by lender or asset holder, taxes and miscellaneous title issues. This is what ProTitleUSA does.

2. Investors need collateral review, preparation of assignments of new assets and custodian functions. This is what DocSolutionUSA is very successfully taking care of. In fact, the title research data is APIed directly onto instant forms for document production.

3. To make sure the mortgage is enforceable and can be securitized or retraded, Client and Compliance, Pay History review and / or Servicing Comments review is needed. This is what one of my companies, TPR rated firm, One Diligence, does.

The data from the system is auto extracted from documents directly and compared to the data tape and title data from ProTitleUSA.
As you can see, my companies are closely interconnected which allows efficiently cut down the time it takes to review the asset for investors and reduce the cost of review.