a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

Self-service, lowest cost document preparation service by DocSolutionUSA, a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA

DocSolutionUSA, a subsidiary of ProTitleUSA, has launched a self-service, lowest cost service to prepare nationwide assignments and releases in seconds through web portal. Using DocSolutionUSA’s state and county specific recording rules to produce the documents, the production of the document takes seconds and documents are available either through browser download, email or by API to client’s loan document folder.

The product is designed to further cost reduce the document production for lenders, servicers and funds using low cost data entry resources.

If the client has the required data in spreadsheet format, bulk upload function is available in DocSolutionUSA’s system to upload and generate assignments or releases, utilizing verified existing mortgage information.

Supplemental services are available for this product, such as
  • Data Entry Services
  • Full Document QC
  • Chain of Assignment Review and Audit
  • Notary and Signing (including MERS)
  • Recording with e-recording, where available
  • Mail documents to borrower, where required
  • Imaging
  • Corrective and GAP assignments
  • Staffing solutions
For further information and questions about this product, please contact Regina Monts at rmonts@docsolution.com.