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Top Ten Checks Investors Must do While Reviewing a Title Search

1. Who is the owner of the property based on the most recent deed with review of probate documents or divorce decree?

2. If the latest transfer was a Foreclosure Deed, which liens and mortgages attach post foreclosure?

3. Are all of the documents provided related to the property by legal description, and does the legal description of the property have any errors?

4. Do the deeds transfer 100% of the ownership interest, partial interest or life estate (remainderman) interest?

5. What taxes must be paid off to bring the property tax status current? The property may be subject to multiple taxing jurisdictions such as County, City, School and Township. The tax status for each entity needs to be reviewed.

6. What liens attach to the property and what liens do not?

7. What judgments attach to the property and what judgments do not?

8. Ensure mortgages against the property are recorded in the correct position and are enforceable based on the maturity date of the mortgage and/or completeness of the assignment chain.

9. Confirm the property is not in an active property right dispute.

10. Based on the jurisdiction of the property, are there any unrecorded municipal liens? These can cause a significant loss if they're left unpaid.

All of these items and more are answered through a ProTitleUSA Title Search with an Unrecorded Lien Search.