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Podcast EP 08: US Consumer data, Home equity products to help home owners, projection for 2024

In a recent podcast, Alex Goldovsky, CEO of ProTitle USA, DocSolution USA and One Diligence, sat down with Paul Mangione, CEO of Fort Schuyler Advisors, to delve into the state of the consumer credit market.

Their discussion covered:

  • Structured Credit and Asset Valuations: Analyzing current trends and their implications.
  • Labor Market Conditions and Inflation: Examining their impact on consumer loan repayment.
  • Types of Credit: Insights into mortgages, auto loans, and home improvement loans.
  • Future Market Outlook: Predictions and potential changes in the consumer credit landscape.

Structured Credit and Asset Valuations

Paul Mangione provided an in-depth analysis of structured credit and asset valuations, discussing how these factors shape the consumer credit market. He highlighted the current trends and their implications for both lenders and borrowers.

Labor Market and Inflation

The conversation then turned to labor market conditions and inflation. Mangione and Goldovsky explored how these economic factors affect consumers' ability to repay loans, shedding light on the broader economic landscape's impact on the credit market.

Varieties of Consumer Credit

They also examined different types of consumer credit, including mortgages, auto loans, and home improvement loans. Mangione shared insights into the trends within these sectors, providing a comprehensive overview of the consumer credit market.

Future Outlook

Finally, the podcast looked ahead, discussing the future outlook for the consumer credit market. Mangione offered his predictions and highlighted potential changes that may shape the industry in the coming years.

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