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Using Geospatial Image Analysis with Township and County Lien Data to Underwrite Property Condition

CAPE Analytics, a company that provides property attributes derived from applying computer vision and machine learning to aerial imagery, has collaborated with ProTitleUSA to offer a comprehensive property condition report. The two companies plan to fuse imagery-based property analytics with township and county lien data to underwrite property conditions in mortgage due diligence.

A big danger with municipal liens is that they’re not always recorded in the county’s land records. Title searches generally only include liens that are recorded. But, recorded or not, the impact is the same. ProTitleUSA’s Unrecorded Lien Search goes beyond the standard search and includes municipal liens and violations that are not recorded.

CAPE Analytics’ AIRE platform generates automated reports, with aerial images of the given property, and scoring for the condition of items such as the exterior, roof, accessory structures, landscaping, driveway or pool, in addition to other property characteristics.

Utilizing ProtitleUSA’s Lien Search with the AIRE property condition report allows for additional data correlations for efficient and accurate property insights and decision making. Take a look below at some side-by-side samples of real-life violations captured by each company.