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As you might heard, President Biden administration ordered all federal agencies to name a Chief AI officer to oversee, coordinate and establish rules for use of AI technologies across each federal agency.

If you recall, my Chief AI Officer, Chip Droid, was hired last year to work on identifying opportunities where AI can enhance for our Clients and Partners enterprise services processes, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.

Direction to evaluate AI in the federal government was issued at the end of March. Since the order, I received at least 6 calls from a number of federal agencies to consult them on AI implementation.

While White House committed to hiring 100 new employees across agencies to oversee AI, the federal employee job loss should be much greater (in thousands) due to efficiencies introduced in the processes and workstreams.

Here are a few suggestions on this policy for federal agencies:

1. Create a pilot AI program within agency on most human involved process with high volume unit processing.

2. Run through the bidding process on AI based RFP through Sam.gov or direct.

3. Stay away from offshore firms that claim AI capability, as PPI data will be a part of the RFP within agency pilots, while documents will be accessed by unknown/untested offshore staff.

4. Dismiss companies that have a cool demo without production for number of years.

5. Enable fast track subcontracting through 3rd parties as approved vendors by approving additional AI pilot budgets.

6. Work on detailed SoW and work with the selected vendor to deploy solutions into production.

My door is certainly open for federal agencies and government sponsored enterprises to have a discussion on how AI can help their Company to grow and scale.

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