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Will investing in AI stock, like Nvidia pay off?

If you would invest in NVidia stock in the beginning of 2023, you would triple the money. As a need for new AI computing for building a true infrastructure grows, are there any other candidates to explode in the growth?

I used to be in the microchip industry and can tell you that it takes two years to develop and launch the application for a new microchip. Wall Street is betting all in on AI future, but only a few AI companies will be successful a few years from now in the current credit crunch environment.

If you are looking at AI investment today, the guaranteed successful plays in 2024 are firms that are involved in infrastructure development: Amazon, MSFT, Google, IBM.
I would probably hold off on any application and data analytics investments, like Snowflake, as I think with time better engines will take the stage.

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